Global Services and Orientation

Emporium collection’s unprecedented reach unites global luxury travel professionals & high-net-worth individuals around the world with powerful luxury travel experiences, marketing & technology solutions. We help expand your distribution strategy and drive more revenue.

Our Luxury Collection is a unified collection of the world’s most experienced, visible and highly-regarded experts in luxury Hospitality. Highly sought after as the go-to resources for the high-net-worth.

Emporium Collection exclusively markets a selection of the luxury network’s extraordinary Hotels & Luxury Partners, utilizing a sophisticated mix of online and offline media to position properties for maximum exposure in an elite market. Members recognized for their agility, expertise and superior competence in both local and global markets.

To be listed in the Emporium Collection your property will reach 40% corporate as well as 60% leisure travelers with direct payment of the customer in the hotel.

Our core focus areas:

1. Marketing
2. Sales
3. Reservation & Distribution
4. Advertising

Our key markets:

1. Qatar 2. Luxembourg 3. Great Britain 4. Singapore
5. Brunei. 6.  Ireland 7. Norway 8. Kuwait
9. United Arab Emirates 10. Switzerland 11.Hong Kong
12. San Marino 13. The United States 14. Saudi Arabia
15. Netherlands 16. Iceland 17. Italy 18. Japan
19. China 20. India 21. Spain 22. Canada.

focus cities

We offer your brand unprecedented visibility through our Global Network division, consisting of travel agency associations, travel management companies and host agencies around the world. We’ve got the relationships and connections to both the leisure and corporate agencies you need to take your brand even further.

Your product gets distributed to a balanced mix of 60% corporate and 40% leisure agencies, with both weekday and weekend business. Enjoy access to a variety of additional marketing opportunities to elevate your position and drive incremental business.

The peace of mind knowing you’re connected to one of the most trusted, secure providers in the luxury travel industry.

Access is restricted to member hotels and employees only.

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