Loyalty Marketing – By Invitation Only

As the world of wealth continues to grow, the modern wealthy consumer is evolving. The definition of luxury is evolving as well, to include products and services that are personally relevant, and tied more closely to the values and beliefs held by consumers today. This change in consumption affects the way they buy, from brand choice to philanthropic giving and even what it means to live a fulfilled life.

Members are vetted not just for performance, but a continued commitment to quality experience.
Emporium-Collection advocates for its members, offering targeted services, resources, and support, while lobbying for higher standards for Luxury Providers. Our partners are connected to broader markets, both nationally and globally.

Quality has been commoditised

It is getting harder to find differences in luxury brands and products concerning functional quality and aesthetic beauty.

Forging a personal connection matters

Wealthy travellers prefer professionals who cultivate a relationship that builds trust and allows them to share truthfully about their needs and wants in a holiday experience. The new affluent millennials forms opinions around lots of privacy energy efficiency and environmental design, a master with a luxury bathroom and outdoor living/entertaining space with an open floor plan throughout the suite.

Luxury Experiences are lacklustre.

What passed as a luxury experience five years ago, today feels tired and uninspired. The principle of luxury that matters today is the emotional connection, which starts with human interaction and transparency in the process.

Travellers on every level share everyday needs

They all want someone they can trust, as well as, high-quality products, artistic craftsmanship and impeccable service from their providers.